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 "I would've had to bankrupt my business if it wasn't for this course.

Michael Montefusco

If you’re reading this… you should already know a bit of the power of automation.

And how it can be a lifesaver in your business.

Personally, I save over 30 hours of my time every week with automation.


Today, I’m handsomely paid to help my clients save time.

Most people understand the concept of investing money… they make their money work for them.

Fewer people understand the value of investing in systems.

To put it in layman terms, you create the necessary processes in place so you can get more stuff done in less time (This especially applies for manual, repetitive tasks which takes up a lot of your time).

This frees up your time to work on projects you enjoy. 
(Or you can just take a break if you want to.)

That’s not all.

You get all of these benefits that comes with it too:

 ◾ Better Focus and More “In-Flow” Moments - With this, you won’t experience minor tasks crop up during mid-day which disrupts your schedule and workflow. 

 ◾ Peace of Mind - Automation leverages on systems and technology to remove you from the weeds of your business. Just set the process up and then you can forget about them.

 ◾ Less Mistakes - When people are busy, tired or juggling with multiple stuff… they are prone to making mistakes. Why not automate the manual and repetitive to the right tech which can take care of it? 

 ◾ You feel like a Tech Wizard.Creating automations can be really fun. You can literally make magic happen with the click of just a button. (This is why people automate their homes.)

All you need to do is to spend some time to set it up one-time, and it continues to pay you back exponentially.

You spend some time now to set it up, and it continues to pay you back forever.

It’s a brilliant concept.

The issue with this is:

I’m sure after y’all get your hands dirty with actually trying to automate stuff, you hit a wall and… you don’t really know where to go from there.

You spend 2-3 hours online in search of solutions… but you find nothing really helpful - Google, StackExchange and Youtube.

You get even more confused after watching a few Youtube videos because Youtube is disorganized and the information is not laid out in a simple, easy-to-understand way.

This turns you off and after all the enthusiasm you have for Automation… you give up because it’s too technically challenging.

This sounds like the exact story which all my customers went through before encountering IntegroMasters.

If you would like a course that’s straight-to-the-point, beginner-friendly and have someone teach you step-by-step while you look over their shoulders… then IntegroMasters is for you.

 "After a few weeks I improved not only my technical knowledge but also my perspective how to do things more efficient by leveraging Integromat capabilities.

Shahar Gur-Ari
GA Smart&Simple

If you’re a total beginner with zero background on Automation… then the biggest question running through your head is likely:

“How Do I Even Get Started?”

I get it. There’s tonnes of courses, guides and videos online about the power of automation.

And this is what makes it likely for you to get information overload.

There’s a complex answer and a simple answer to this.

The complex answer to this is… everyone can apply automation differently depending on their needs, tech-savviness and software constraints.
Afterall, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. 

If you’re an engineer or a programmer and you’re generally more comfortable with tech, you can definitely do more sophisticated automations.

But if you’re totally new (Which I wrote this section for)... then DON’T WORRY. 

The simpler answer (which I really like) is this:

Automation merely involves a few basic principles at play and if you master these principles… it’s not difficult to build simple systems.

Putting things into context, you will realize that in the World of Technology, things change all the time - Languages, Programs and Softwares.  (They are a function of updates after all.)

The only thing that matters is having the awareness of what problems you would like to solve and the tech involved to solve these problems.

In this course, you’ll get a complimentary 30-minute consult with me where:

 ◾ I’ll guide you on exactly where to start using Tech and Automation in your business to get the biggest bang for your buck.

 ◾ The lowest hanging fruit you can get started with automating your business. (Here.. you can start getting quick wins to save time). 

◾ You can find out what are some of the most useful software for your business (That works perfectly with Integromat).

Manuel’s Inverse Law of Automation.

Most business owners and entrepreneurs get stuck with automation because they think that it’s complicated and you have to get it right the first time if not it’ll crumble.

That’s simply untrue.

Now, I understand most of you really want to save time and get more “Time-Wasting Tasks” done without getting caught in it. 

Yet you might not want to spend all your time learning everything because I get it… running a business is hard - you’re 100% responsible for the stability and growth of your business which will affect your family’s livelihood. 

This is why I’ve trained over dozens of entrepreneurs on how they can get started automating with Integromat so they can start streamlining their business processes. 

And throughout the process, I’ve found a few simple timeless rules of Automation which are particularly powerful:

1. Automation doesn’t have to be perfect the first time.

If you look at the Inverse Law of Automation… you don’t have to get everything automated the first time.
All you need to do is to apply a bit of automation (done right) to your business and you can start seeing results.

2. Automation is like a Lever - Where Small Effort can Produce Major Returns

You just need to set it up once and you WILL see time-savings week after week, month after month. 

If you pay attention to the graph, you will see that the more automation and systems you set up… the more time-savings you can enjoy. 

So if you’re wondering… “If learning automation is really a worthy skill?”

Then it’s really up to you if you want to master this LEVER. 

In fact, a friend I know… is able to achieve time-savings of over 5 hours a week just by automating the client-onboarding process. 

Imagine saving 20-hours a month from just ONE “Time-Wasting” Task - that’s nearly one whole day.

3. Time-Savings go on forever and ever (LIKE a FERRIS WHEEL)

Now, from the graph… you can see that the “Time-Savings” doesn’t stop and it gets more and more with more automation you built.

I hope you get to experience this for yourself because you will then feel the true beauty of Automation… which is:

The Machine Runs 24-Hours , it will not Grow Lazy and best of all, you can expect minimal Excuses and F*ck-Ups

This means you’re far better off leveraging on Tech than hiring… because you will definitely face people problems (Having to manage them and all that). 

This leads to the most obvious question — how do we do that? I’m glad you asked…

This course will teach you everything you need to know to get started with Automating the Routine and Repetitive Tasks in your business.

Manuel Gick

Digital Experience Strategist and Automation Expert

Why Learn From Manuel:

Nope…. This is not gonna be a typical “I have been automating things for XYZ years” introduction.

I’ll be upfront with you… I wasn’t one of those science or engineering geeks growing up...

BUT one thing I did was this:

I was super interested in building Chatbots since it was cool and extremely useful in Marketing Funnels.

In short, I first got started with Messenger Marketing… I then self-learned everything I could get my hands on Automation because I realised I could build far better Chatbots Funnels with AI. 

In that process, I’ve wasted a lot of time tinkering in what works and what doesn’t - There wasn’t a professor or a mentor beside to guide me… so I had to go through trial-and-error experimentations. 

And so this is what I’d like to help you out with - I want to help you shortcut your entire learning curve… so you can learn the essence of Automation and start implementing it in your business without wasting hundreds of hours going YouTube and trying to figure stuff out. 

This is a screenshot from my client's Integromat Account. (Integromat is a much stronger, buffed-up version of Zapier)

These 2 scenarios I built for my client uses up about ~6000 operations every month which is equivalent to ~3000s of runtime (50 minutes). 

Now while that may seem like a lot of time… let’s do the math if we were to perform these tasks manually:

For Automating Scenario A:

Scenario A involves syncing Shopify Customers to TradeGecko.

It takes 7 operations to sync a Shopify Customer to TradeGecko… and if we were to perform the same tasks ourselves, it will take us 5 minutes for each run.

The scenarios I set up allowed the syncing to happen between Shopify and TradeGecko in Real-Time (this means whenever a new customer is created on Shopify… the data gets transferred to TradeGecko automatically).

In the example I showed… there were 522 runs because there are 3,657 operations and each run takes up 7 operations. (Hence… number of runs = total number of operations / number of operations required  for a run)

Just imagine not automating it… we’ll then have to spend (522 x 5 minutes) performing these repetitive tasks which doesn’t move the needle in your business. 

That’s 2610 minutes. 43.5 hours. Which is 
more than a full work week!

For Automating Scenario B:

Scenario B involves syncing new orders between Shopify and TradeGecko. 

For this scenario, it takes us 25 different operations per run to sync orders… which typically takes up 20 minutes for a human to work on. 

For the particular client, we had 95 orders to process during that month… this means we had to perform the same exact process 95 times (If no automation was involved). 

That’s 1900 minutes. 31.6 hours. Which is slightly more than a full day. 

Putting time-savings into perspective, I’ve just helped my clients save 75 hours this month.

This is three full days (72 hours). 10% of their entire month (3 out of 30 days). 


The best part?

The time-savings aren’t one-off. 

They are recurring… meaning the automation will continue to work for you when the 523th customer comes in or the 96th order arrives. 

You can just sit in the background, grab a beer and watch in joy while letting your glorious machine do all the work for you...

There is a catch however:

All you need to do is:

Set these Automations up which ONLY takes up 3 hours

Will you spend 180 minutes in exchange for 3755 minutes (75 hours)? 

If your answer is “NO”, you aren’t exactly willing to spend the 180 minutes to automate, then this course is not for you. 

BUT If your answer is “HELL YES!”... then I want to help you get there.…

"If you have used Integromat for any amount of time, or want to learn it, you know one thing already, it is not an easy task just because the official documentation is either lacking or is not written in an easy to understand way...

But if you are looking for value for your money or want to save yourself time trying to learn integromat any other way, I cannot recommend this course enough."

Sunny Manucha

IntegroMasters Basic Course:

The Foundation of IntegroMasters.

We’ll start with the underlying concepts of Automation and IntegroMasters. 
Understanding this helps to generate Automation ideas for your business. 

You’ll learn what are Scenarios, Triggers and Routers. 

You’ll see some of my favourite use-cases/scenarios in action and how they help my clients save precious time. 

I’ll be giving you different ideas on how you can use automation in your day-to-day business processes (E.g. Email Automation, Prospecting, Lead Qualifying and Customer Support). 

Now, before we get to the sexy stuff… it’s important to get a good grasp of how Integromat works so we can put whatever we learn into practice. 

And the basic level of IntegroMasters is designed to help you learn in the fastest way possible.

IntegroMasters - Intermediate

Once you’re familiar with how scenarios, triggers and routers work… we’ll move on to more complex concepts like setting WebHooks, Parsing, Mapping and using GSheets as a database.

This allows us to send where and whenever we like into our automations. Parsing and Mapping allows us to modify any data into the format which we what… think of it like converting a jpg to a gif or transforming a m4a to a mp3.

IntegroMasters - Advanced

In the advanced module, I’ll be covering interesting concepts such as API, Aggregators and REGEX.

REGEX has been extremely helpful for me so far in the area of Email Automation - it allows us to find whatever we want in a text string and then extract the information which is super helpful in every scenario we built.

And learning how to work with API is a MUST if you would want to create more modules across different apps or software. 

We’ll cover extensively about creating custom Integrations (Integrations which are not available on Integromat yet). 

This way there are no more limits to what you could achieve.

We also cover additional Real Life Use Cases where you will learn how to apply whatever we’ve previously covered in different aspects of your agency business - For example instant triggers in Google Forms, uploading files to cloud storage from Slack and automating your bookkeeping based on incoming emails.

Assignments - This is not where it stops...

The goal is to prepare your mind for the automation building tasks that will come in the future.

Therefore, each section contains assignments that you can try out yourself and submit for review to our team.
We'll check it out and provide you quality feedback on your work until you've found the solution (mostly by yourself).

Each task has a full detailed solution video as well as blueprints that you can import into your account.

In short, this course is a MUST for you IF:

 ◾ You’re interested in Marketing Automation, and you want to learn how to implement Automation in your client’s workflow.

 ◾ Your time is constantly stolen by the repetitive “Time-Waster” activities and you want to get back more time in your business.

 ◾ You would like your staff to learn Automation so they can do it for you. 

 "Before doing the Integromasters course I was completely lost in Integromat. I really enjoyed Integromasters and I highly recommend it." 

Anna Robinson
Graphic Designer

 "Manuel is an Integromat guru! I hired him to create one of the most complex Integromat automations I've ever seen, integrating all of the businesses systems and services while accounting for many different scenarios. 
Best of all, he broke down exactly what he did in clear and plain language." 

Ryan Anderson

Frequently Asked Questions about Integromasters

Do you offer any guarantees?

Yes! If you're not happy with your purchase, you have the right for a full refund of your money within 30 days of purchase. Contact us if you want to get a refund through email or messenger.

Our refund policy is pretty reasonable... just let us know the reason why you’re unhappy and proof that you’ve taken action on what you’ve learnt. That said, we will not issue refunds to folks who don’t take action.

Note: This is only eligble if you've gone through 20% or less content of the course as there are downloadable elements in there.

How long is the course?

Currently there are about 5 hour pure video content + additional bonuses, templates and more.
When I say 5 hours pure value, then there is no talking around. We germans like to get straight to the point.

Do I get support from you?

Yes for sure!
Everyone in the Integromasters Mind community gets priority and in-depth support by me or other like-minded entrepreneurs.
Furthermore I'm offering a 1on1 consultation call for every Integromasters owner with me as a bonus.

I'm a beginner - Is this course right for me?

Everything is explained in simple - non coder - english language without all the hyroglyphic words coders are usually using.
The step-by-step process guides you from just starting out with automations to becoming a full automation master.

How do I get the most value out of the course?

Build along!
Use the concepts and methods shown, adapt them to a specific usecase for yourself and build your own automations.
This is the best way to get the most value from this course. 

How are lessons being delivered?

Each section has a demo that showcases a full scenario/automation and then breaks it apart during the following lessons explaining various topics.
All lessons are in English and with video content as well as detailed descriptions, ressource URLs and other useful information.

What does "Future Lessons Included" mean?

What you see here is by far not the end.
The content will be expanded continously based on your requests.
Tell me which topic you want more information about or a specific usecase and I'll create more content about it included in your lifetime purchase.

How does split-payment work?

You'll pay the first amount today and then 2 more instalments every 30 days.

Any other questions?

Just send an email to or send me a message on Messenger


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What You’re Gonna Get…

  • Integromasters Basic Lessons (197 € Value)
  • Integromasters Intermediate Lessons (497 € Value)
  • Integromasters Advanced Lessons (997 € Value)
  • Bonus #1: 30 Min 1-on-1 Consultation with me (75 € Value)
  • Bonus #2: Blueprints/Templates (297 € Value)
  • Bonus #3: Integromasters Mind Group Access (997 € Value)
  • Bonus #4: One Year of Updates (1,997 € Value)
  • Total Value: 5,057 €